Fried Bavette with Bottarga & Tomato Sorbet

You will love me

I put the marvel in marvelous.

I’m not usually one to brag, but I’m afraid it would be altogether disingenuous of me to describe this dish as anything less than marvelous. You can use spaghetti, linguine, or bucatini in place of bavette pasta. Just be sure to drain the pasta as soon as it’s al dente. Make the tomato sorbet a couple hours prior. If you can’t get any bottarga, use grated cheese instead.

Ingredients for 4 people

350 grams of long pasta, such as bavette or spaghetti
125 grams (½ cup) tomato pulp (premade is fine)
grated bottarga (or grated parmesan or ricotta salata)
olive oil
fresh basil
tomato sorbet
salt & pepper


Cook the pasta al dente (and not a second more!), drain, and return to the pot, adding a few tablespoons of olive oil, the tomato pulp, some chopped fresh basil, salt and pepper. Stir well so all the pasta is covered. Heat a generous amount of olive oil in a non-stick or iron pan. With a ladle, scoop a serving of the cooked pasta and, using a fork or large kitchen pincers, twirl the pasta until you have a neat, round ‘basket’ or ‘nest’ shape. You can make 4 largish baskets or 6 to 8 smaller ones. Very carefully transfer the pasta ‘basket’ to the hot oil. Fry on one side for a couple minutes, until the bottom is brown and crunchy. Turn, only once, very carefully, to fry the top side. (nb: this is my method; you could also use enough frying oil to fully submerge the pasta baskets, thus eliminating the need to flip them.) When the fried pasta is ready, transfer to the serving plate. Dust with grated bottarga (or cheese) and top with a small scoop of the tomato sorbet. Garnish with a basil leaf or two.