Grilled Tomato Rounds

on the plate

on the plate

If you’ve still got a few stubborn clusters of tomatoes clinging to the vine, and like me have had your fill of caprese salads and summer salsas, try these out.


4 or 5 medium round tomatoes
1 small container or round of chèvre
shoots of 2 or 3 green onions (aka scallions)


Rinse and finely chop the onion shoots, only the green parts, and set aside. Take the cheese out of the fridge to soften (and taste it, to test for its level of saltiness) . Slice the tomatoes in half and grill first on the ‘bottoms’ for a few minutes. Gently turn and grill on the open flat side until the tomato is just starting to char. Remove to a plate. Drop a small dollop or chunk of the goat cheese on each half, and carefully spread it over the surface of the tomato. Now sprinkle the chopped onion over all the pieces. Chives would also work in place of the onion. Depending on the cheese, the tomato rounds might do with a light dusting of salt. Black pepper, too.