Mugello Marvels: Macelleria Landi Fulvio

Luco di Mugello, some years ago. The Landi shop now occupies the building behind the scooter.

Mugello Marvels explores the flavors and traditions of the Mugello region of northeast Tuscany, with an emphasis on local chefs, restaurants and shops, food fairs, and events.

This latest installment of Mugello Marvels once again focuses on a local establishment near and dear to me—very near in fact, located just down the road in Luco di Mugello—the Macelleria Landi Fulvio. This family-run butcher shop is an area treasure, offering top quality, locally-sourced meats and much more. But it’s the people behind the counter at Macelleria Landi who keep me coming back. Upon entering, I’m always greeted with a friendly smile and quick, professional service from the Landis, who bring decades of knowledge and skill in the butchery arts to their enterprise. Fulvio, having worked at his uncle’s butcher shop as a younger man, started his own butcher business in 1967, in a small space just behind the former post office of Luco di Mugello.  Fulvio (pictured below, right) runs the shop with wife Giuliana and their son, Alessio (left) .


A lot has changed in the years since Fulvio first opened, including an expansion in 1995 after the adjacent post office closed and the Landis acquired the space. This change meant a larger counter and proper shop, plus the added advantage of a main street storefront. A small rosticceria also forms part of the business. Roasted meats to go are available, along with other prepared items like lasagne and bolognese sauce, always fresh and homemade.


The Landi family are just the sort of neighborhood butchers one hopes for. Their meats, sourced locally here in the Mugello from places like the Cooperativa Agricola Firenzuola (or occasionally even closer, the farm here in Grezzano), are always uber-fresh and excellent quality. They make their own (additive-free) sausages, too, in keeping with the business motto tutto come fatto a casa.


With their skilled hands, the Landis will clean and prep any cut of meat you like, and they always take the time to give you a few cooking tips on whatever you’ve purchased. You can also choose from the selection of pre-seasoned, never-disappointing items ready and on display in the cold case, such as pork loin, lamb chops, marinated chicken pieces, and so on.


One particularly special aspect of the shop is the impressive assortment of gourmet items, selected by Alessio, who sources providers and contacts around Italy. A visit to this macelleria is never without the welcome diversion of browsing the fresh pasta, gourmet sauces, jams and honeys, cookies, cheeses, truffle products, and more. An impressive selection of wine, beer, and liquors is also on hand, and knowledgeable Alessio is always ready to suggest something.

During the holidays, Alessio brings in a variety of additional artisanal products, such as these beautifully-wrapped panettone cakes:


On weekends Macelleria Landi prepares and cooks roasts and more to order. In fact, on the day I visited them to learn more about their shop and the work they do, Giuliana and Alessio were preparing a traditional family recipe (passed down from Alessio’s grandmother) for roasted stuffed rabbit, which had been pre-ordered by a customer. True to the pleasant and obliging spirit of this place, the Landis offered to share the recipe with me (and you!).

Roasted Stuffed Rabbit, a Landi family recipe
Clean and debone a entire rabbit and lay the meat out flat. Adjust the meat as needed to make sure all is sealed, then salt and pepper well.


Next a thin layer of pork loin is laid on top of the rabbit meat, then a generous sprinkling of chopped rosemary, sage, and garlic, followed by a layer of prosciutto cotto.


Then a layer of frittata is added, followed by another dose of the chopped herbs and more prosciutto. Now the tricky part: carefully roll the entire rabbit closed, lengthwise. You’ll probably need an extra pair of hands to assist with this step, though Giuliana managed it impressively well!


Finally, secure the rabbit tightly with kitchen twine. Insert a few sprigs of rosemary under the twine, and roast for 90 minutes at 180ºC / 355ºF. Let rest and slice into 10 to 12 servings.


I’ll close with some photos of these lovely locals, la famiglia Landi, and my strong recommendation to pay them a visit the next time you’re in Luco di Mugello.

Here’s the mother and son team with their ready-for-the-oven masterpiece:


And father and son in front of their shop:


Macelleria Landi Fulvio
Via Garibaldi, 1
Luco di Mugello
tel: 055 840 1255