Pancetta & Egg Salad

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not for the fat-wary

One of the things I like about Nigella Lawson is she never shies from fats. Drain, skim, or trim off excess fat are indications you just don’t associate with her. For this salad, inspired by the recipe for bacon and egg salad in Nigella Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home, fats from the cooked pancetta cubes make the dressing base. Don’t judge. It’s amazing.


mixed salad greens or 1 head of escarole
3 or 4 eggs
125 grams (½ cup) cubed pancetta
1 small bunch parsley
1 tsp each of Dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar, Worcestershire sauce
2 Tbls olive oil
salt & pepper


Arrange the greens/lettuce in a salad bowl. Rinse and chop the parsley. Boil the eggs for 7-8 minutes. When the eggs have cooled, peel and slice them lengthwise into quarters. Set aside.

Cook the pancetta over medium heat, stirring regularly, until the cubes turn dark and crunchy. Turn off the heat. Using a slotted spoon or spatula, scoop the pancetta from the pan and leave the residual fats. Toss the pancetta cubes in with the greens. Add the mustard, vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce to the pan and turn the heat back on low. Combine until a sauce forms. If the dressing is too thick, add a bit more vinegar. Let the sauce cool slightly and drizzle it over the salad. Now add the eggs, parsley, and olive oil to the salad, along with a pinch of salt and pepper. Toss gently but thoroughly.