Winter Salads: Orange, Pomegranate & Fennel

a marvelous winter salad

a marvelous winter salad

To me, this salad is a marvel. Without a doubt. It’s easy to make, gorgeous to look at, and super good for you.


2 large oranges
1 fennel bulb
1/2 cup pomegranate kernels
olive oil, salt and pepper to taste


Remove the orange rind with a good paring knife until you are left with an intact, fully peeled orange.  You can slice cross-wise for orange ’rounds’ or by following along the wedges. Put the slices in a salad bowl.

Clean and finely slice the fennel and add to the orange slices. Include a few sprigs of the fine green leaves as well.

Add the pomegranate kernels, a drizzling of good olive oil and a pinch of salt. Toss all the ingredients gently and serve. I find fresh ground pepper is amazing on orange, but it’s not for everyone.